Learn more about the Canadian provinces we help students study in.

Partner school locations in Manitoba & Alberta

While we can help international students study across Canada, we’re currently partnering with schools located in Manitoba and Alberta. Our key partner school, Robertson College offers diploma programs for international students at its Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton campuses.

What It’s Like To Study In Alberta

Excellent post-secondary institutions
Fast growing major cities
Thriving job market

What It’s Like To Study In Manitoba

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World-class education
Affordable tuition fees
Low cost of living
Government programs for faster employment post graduation

Benefits of studying at a Learning Flow partner school

Trusted Institution

Robertson College offers international students a range of diploma programs led by experienced instructors. You’ll also benefit from financial guidance, online study options and lifelong career support.

Graduate In 1 Year or Less

Many Robertson International Programs take 1 year or less to complete. You’ll receive hands-on training, gain practical experience in a real Canadian workplace and quickly earn an accredited diploma.

High Employment Rate

Most Robertson College graduates secure employment post graduation. The school’s Workforce Team helps students secure full-time employment as well as develop their professional portfolio.

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